Mako Discovered

Shin-Ra Electric Company Founded


War Begins

Shin-Ra President Assassinated


Captial of Wutai Falls

Fighting continues in the countryside


The War Ends


Jenova Uncovered

Brought to Midgar Heaquarters


Present Day

Life is hard beneath the plates of Midgar.

Those at the top are satisfied with what they’ve got, and it seems like construction efforts have stopped.

The night sky glows, drawing people in for the mako. But at what cost?

Some say this source of electricity comes from the lifestream. Without it, Gaia will cease to be. From around the world people have pleaded for Shin-Ra to stop, but it falls on deaf ears.

More than a company, they've achieved world domination with their private security forces. They took out their biggest military rival and now only a group of rebels called Avalanche stand in their way.

In the tallest tower a new threat grows. Five years ago a lifeform was found frozen in the Northern Continent. Human experimentation has already begun, and a new wave of SOLDIER is more powerful than ever before.

Will you save the planet or protect your way of life? Or perhaps you are just a passerby. No matter your reasons, the big city awaits you.